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For homeowners who want to have the feel of nature around their swimming pool and backyard landscape,  an interlocking paver deck is the perfect starting place. But creating a natural look takes much attention to detail. Craftsmen install your pavers from a large selection of various colors, shapes, and sizes, and compose a finished product that looks balanced and natural.

Gulfstream Pools & Spas is well known in the industry and takes great pride in its reputation for quality installation of beautiful paver swimming pool decks.

Visit our showroom and see our large display of paver colors & designs.


Elegant, Rich & Classic, if you are looking for a swimming pool deck with a unique, yet classy and elegant look, an “Artistic Paver” deck may be just what you are looking for. Artistic Pavers Steplock Series are dense and non-porous making it impervious to algae and mildew. The surface of the pavers is designed for swimming pool and patio decks – not too rough on bare feet or slippery when wet. With an elegant collection of textures, colors, and sizes, you’re sure to find a combination that enhances the look of your pool with minimal maintenance.

Visit our showroom to see the display swimming pool which features a deck
by Artistic Pavers!


Your swimming pool deck is one of the most prominent features of your swimming pool, and you will be looking at your swimming pool deck for many, many years to come. Marble and travertine are more durable and stronger than concrete pavers and will add enduring visual appeal and value to your property. Natural stone is non-skid, even when wet, and its low maintenance requirements will reduce ongoing cost. Available in a variety of finishes, style, and color, our stone and marble products are imported from the finest hand-selected natural stone. Visit our showroom to see our display!




The possibilities are endless!



Swimming Pool Cleaners


Convenience. No Periodic Maintenance... Guaranteed.

That's right. Unlike older-style cleaners, there is no periodic maintenance necessary for your QuikClean System. None. No internal or external screens to clean and clean and clean...we think that you have better things to do than to clean your cleaning system. Don't you agree?

Convenience. Pressure-Safe and User Friendly... Guaranteed. QuikClean is engineered to remain pressure-safe without the need for older- style external, mechanical, pressure relief devices. And QuikClean is user friendly. It requires absolutely no tools to disassemble the Water Valve and cleaning heads may be removed and installed from the deck.

Convenience. Nothing to Remove and Replace...And Remove and Replace... Guaranteed. 

QuikClean adds built-in permanence and value to your pool. There is never anything to remove and replace...and remove and replace and remove and with older-style add-on, hose-end robot cleaners. That means your beautiful pool will stay beautiful, safe and easy to enjoy.

Convenience. Just Swim and Enjoy... Guaranteed.


Our swimming pools are always ready when you are. There's never a chance of bumping into unsightly robots or disrupting your pool cleaning and circulation times. That means that you can just plunge right in. Anytime. And, as an added convenience you can simply use the QuikStop control to allow constant filtering without the cleaning heads popping up.

How the Quikclean System Works for You

Automatic, Silent, Systematic, Programmed Cleaning.

The virtually invisible QuikClean Cleaning Heads are strategically located and built-in flush throughout the floor, steps and benches of your swimming pool and spa. The speed adjustable QuikClean Water Valve directs water to a set of two or more cleaning heads which pop-up and send a stream of filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of your pool. The activated Cleaning Heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through the swimming pool skimmer and main drain to the filter. The QuikClean Water valve will then automatically direct water to the next set of Cleaning Heads. The previously activated Cleaning Heads will return flush with the floor of the swimming pool while rotating to the next programmed position. This activation of Cleaning Heads will continue as long as the pool filtration system is operating.

Individually Factory Designed for Your Pool.

Cleaning Heads are strategically located by QuikClean factory personnel for your individual pool. They are placed so that the entire pool will be addressed with overlapping jet streams of filtered, sanitized water. In about an hour every square of your pool's interior area will be swept...quickly, effectively and economically.

All You See is the Clean.

QuikClean is silent, and nearly invisible while it cleans and thoroughly circulates filtered water throughout your entire pool and spa. And with no unsightly robots or hoses interfering with the beautiful swimming pool designed to enhance your backyard...all you see is the clean.

The QuikCleanMax System


When only the highest value and maximum cleaning and circulation will do
Value...Dramatically Reduces Maintenance Time While It Saves You Money.

While no product can guarantee to completely eliminate pool maintenance,
QuikCleanMax comes very close. It does the hard work, so you can
do the play.

How QuikCleanMax Works

QuikCleanMax offers all of the benefits of the QuikClean System plus the added benefits of more effectively cleaning floating litter, leaves and heavy debris while offering impressive water circulation with the patented QuikSkim and Quik LeafVac (patent pending).

QuikSkim...Venturi Powered Skimming.

Patented Venturi-Powered Automatic Skimmer dramatically enhances surface skimming action through the power of the venturi. Surface debris is trapped between the skimmer mouth and the powerful venturi flow to be effortlessly carried from the swimming pool surface. It even comes with its own filter sock for easy debris removal and actually returns more water to the pool than it removes to increase surface circulation. And that means a cleaner, healthier swimming pool for your family and guests.

LeafVac...Removes Leaves and More.


Safely and automatically removes soaked leaves, sand, insects, and other heavy debris. Safety engineered, anti-vortex, dual main drain system collects heavier debris in an attractive canister conveniently located at the deck or equipment area. This means a cleaner swimming pool, less maintenance time and more fun time for you.

Protects Your Pump.

By trapping debris at the deck with LeafVac and QuikSkim, before it can reach the pump, the pump impeller is less likely to be damaged by floating or heavy debris. It can operate more freely and efficiently. That can save both time and money.

QuikCleanMax...Maximum Power.

Due to the patented design of the powerful QuikSkim and the efficiency of

LeafVac your pool will seem as if it is operating with two pumps instead of one. That maximum cleaning and circulation. That's QuikCleanMax.

Swimming Pool Cleaners
Quickclean RM
QuickClen System Works 4 u RM


Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen pool finishes help to create the kind of durable, luxurious pools and spas that provide a lifetime of inspiration and relaxation, whether you are building a new swimming pool or remodeling. With it’s natural beauty, non-slip surface, and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see why Pebble Tec is the number one chosen interior finish. Pebble Tec's New Premium Finish is Pebble Brilliance.  It's mixture of glass & Pebble Tec make your swimming pool a neighborhood showpiece

But Beware! Many imitators try to pass off substandard finishes with the claim that it is the original “Pebble Tec finish”.  Put your trust in Gulfstream Pools & Spas, a “Certified Builder” and authorized retailer of the original Pebble Tec interior finish.

Visit our showroom today to see our display pool featuring a Pebble Tec interior finish!


Pebble Technology Inc. was the first to patent the process for durable, naturally beautiful pebble pool finishes in the United States almost 30 years ago and its unique formulas have been the industry standard for excellence ever since.

Pebble Tec / Pebble Sheen
Pool Lights
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