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Swimming Pool Enclosures

Gulfstream Pools Screens

Swimming Pool Cages, Patios & Porches: Without a doubt, Super Screen® is the most advanced swimming pool screen mesh on the market today. Homeowners are finding that replacing screen every 3 to 5 years is no longer necessary with Super Screen®.

Wind Damage Control: The flexibility, tensile strength and tear resistance of Super Screen® causes wind blown debris to bounce off. Super Screen® holds up to the strongest winds and even falling tree branches.

Pet Damage Control: Dogs and cats can tear normal screen mesh to shreds. But toenails and cat claws cannot damage Super Screen®.

Gulfstream Pools Screens

Safety & Protection: Living adjacent to a golf course has many advantages. However, golf balls plummeting through your pool screen or patio screen is not one of the advantages. Protect with Super Screen® the industrial strength netting.

Pest & Rodent Control: The Resilience and strength of the fiber strands woven into Super Screen® resist the gnawing teeth of rodents. Super Screen® has been proven in farming communities as the best farm netting available! Pests cannot break through. Your porch, swimming pool area, or sunroom remains pest free.

Gulfstream Pools Screens

Bug & Insect Control: Simply put, sunlight and breezes pass through -all else stays out. All screen mesh will keep bugs and insects out until the screen mesh cracks or tears. Super Screen® will not crack, puncture or tear.

Unique extruded polyester core yarn with UV protection makes Super Screen® stronger and more durable than competitive products and highly resistant to pest/pet damage, falling debris and wind blown objects. Super Screen® exceeds Section 553.73 of the Florida Building Code for pool fencing! 

Gulfstream Pools Screens

Super Screen® is compounded with a biocide that resists bacteria, fungus and mildew growth. This yields longer lasting beauty from the fabric. The only screen that is truly fade and tear proof!



Gulfstream Pool Screen Enclosures 

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